Salsa Sin Fronteras


Description: Step into the vibrant world of “Salsa Sin Fronteras,” a captivating podcast hosted by Hector Lucena and co-host Danny Rodriguez. Join us as we embark on a musical journey that knows no boundaries, celebrating the rich tapestry of Latin music across the globe. With insightful interviews, electrifying live performances, and the enchanting reporting of Susana Gomez from Cuba, we bring you the pulse of Latin music in its truest form. From the bustling streets of Havana to the rhythmic beats of cities worldwide, we delve deep into the stories behind the melodies, the artists, and the cultural influences that shape this dynamic genre. Tune in to “Salsa Sin Fronteras” for a dose of rhythmic escapism, where every episode promises to transport you to a world where music transcends borders. Whether you’re a seasoned salsa aficionado or new to the Latin sound, our podcast invites you to groove to the universal language of music. Don’t miss out – subscribe now to be a part of this global musical odyssey!