USALA Media is a non-partisan media center founded in 2017, with the foresight of providing a culturally-inclusive multimedia center.

USALA recognizes that Latinos need a prominent and influential platform to promote their interests and oppose further marginalization and deficits in Latino leadership. Subsequently, the genesis of USALA was birthed to bridge the leadership vacuum through radio, TV, and digital news.

Our Mission

USALA’s mission is to provide an independent media hub where community members can hear their own voices – where their values, interests, and issues important to them come to life. Understanding that open dialogue, brainstorming solutions, and becoming socially responsive are central components of empowerment and raising consciousness.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We house a unique “one-stop shop” media hub that serves as a curator source of content that reflects the diversity of our community.

  • USALA produces programming on politics, news, culture, health, and entertainment with the highest standards of cultural expression.

  • Our programming explores controversial and complex topics with fairness, context, and editorial independence.

Core Values