About the company

About USALA Media Network

USALA Media is a non-partisan media center founded in 2017, with the foresight of providing a culturally-inclusive multimedia center.

USALA recognizes that Latinos need a prominent and influential platform to promote their interests and oppose further marginalization and deficits in Latino leadership.

Subsequently, the genesis of USALA was birthed to bridge the leadership vacuum through radio, TV, and digital news.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We house a unique “one-stop shop” media hub that serves as a curator source of content that reflects the diversity of our community.

  • USALA produces programming on politics, news, culture, health, and entertainment with the highest standards of cultural expression.

  • Our programming explores controversial and complex topics with fairness, context, and editorial independence.

Meet Our Team

Fred Ramirez

Fred Ramirez is a lifelong resident of North Central Philadelphia. He is the founder and CEO of Pan American Behavioral Health Services and co-founder of USALA media. Fred’s accomplishments include Executive Director of the Regional Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico – representing Latinos in Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Delaware, and Maryland; special assistant at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the U.S. Department of Energy; served as chair of the Penn-Ser Jobs for Progress and Vice Chair for United Way Southeast, Pa. Fred has focused his entire career on community wealth building and social justice issues affecting the Latino Community. In 2016, he was selected as one of the most Influential Latinos in the Greater Philadelphia Region by Impact News.

Lara Ramirez

From Philadelphia, Lara Ramirez graduated from Temple University’s Fox School of Business with a degree in Marketing in May of 2022. Joining work at her father’s business Pan American Mental Health, knowledge of differing work environments have paid off. With a passion for teamwork and a fast paced, creative work environment, USALA has proven to be a delightful challenge. As the only woman team member, it has been exciting to push boundaries and put her business education to use when it comes to tackling problems, dealing with new customers & interested parties, and consulting with impressive Philadelphia figures USALA has gotten the opportunity to interview.

Daniel Ramos

With a diverse and dynamic background, Dan has honed his technical skills through a unique blend of experiences. It all began at his local church, where he discovered and cultivated his talents in various technical aspects. As a result, Dan quickly became a go-to person for managing sound, lighting, and multimedia setups during services and events. As Dan's reputation in the industry continued to flourish, he found himself as a lead technician at USALA Media, an esteemed media company. In this role, he took charge of overseeing critical technical aspects, orchestrating successful live events, and contributing significantly to the organization's growth and success.


Ed Grobes is a Media Specialist for Nazca Global Media, LLC, a TV/Radio broadcast network, and multimedia production company located outside Philadelphia, PA. “Our goal is to become the leader in media creation opportunities in the region, then worldwide. Nazca will open doors for many people and change the landscape in the media world.” Ed has been an artist since childhood and has followed his creative spirit throughout life. He honed his skills from his High School days as an Art Major then studied at the prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover, MA before attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia and graduating with honors.

Justin Michaud

During my teenage years, I stumbled upon the fascinating world of audio and video production. Growing up in Maine, my friends and I had a blast creating skateboard videos just for the fun of it. As time flew by and we reached 2018, I took on a significant challenge - filming, directing, and editing my very first documentary film titled "Philly Unknown - The Documentary." This experience ignited my passion for storytelling through visuals. Since then, I've been deeply involved in sports photography and videography, honing my skills and exploring different aspects of visual storytelling. Among all the things I love to capture, B-roll footage has a special place in my heart, as it adds depth and atmosphere to the stories I tell through my lens.

Jack Kennedy

Jack Kennedy, intern for USALA Media, works primarily in video editing and content creation. Jack attended William Penn Charter High School and is entering into his senior year at Bucknell University. Jack majors in both Film/Media Studies and Environmental Studies.