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Vaccine Issues, Giuliani in Philly, and a Murdered Child: News Flash for 10/13/20

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  • Johnson & Johnson has put a pause on a COVID-19 vaccine trial after an unexplained illness came up in a test subject. The major drugmaker has been working on what could be the successful COVID-19 vaccine, but the illness of one test subject has left the company wary of continuing its test. This has raised major concerns on a worldwide level as questions of the safety of a vaccine made so quickly arise. The company is looking to restart tests in the very near future.
  • Former Mayor of New York City and current lawyer to President Trump Rudy Giuliani held a campaign event in a Philadelphia office space yesterday. The event was an effort to  “Save Columbus”, a response and defense of Columbus Day, which has become a point of contention in the public arena, with some calling to have the holiday replaced with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” The event was called “Italians for Trump.” Giuliani and organizers are being criticized for holding the event in such close quarters. 
  • A 5-year-old Philadelphia boy has been stabbed and drowned in a West Philadelphia home. The boy was found with a stab wound to the neck and drowned in a tub. His mother was found with cuts on her wrist. She is currently in stable condition. No further news has come from the tragedy.