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The year of Trump and Covid

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This year will always be remembered for two things: the Covid-19 pandemic and the defeat of Donald Trump. The virus caused damage to the health of millions of Americans, killed more than 334 thousand, and destroyed the economy of the nation. Until Covid-19 arrived, Philadelphia had become one of the best restaurant cities in the country. We had no need to go to New York to find great cuisine. We also had an incredible variety among the excellent restaurants, with flavors from all over the world. And then we started to feel the effects of Covid as more and more privately owned restaurants closed, some of them never to return. Restaurants employed large numbers of people and all over this country as they closed their doors, millions lost their jobs. Millions of immigrants throughout our history have worked in restaurants as their first jobs and they were one of the first groups to feel the pain. And the business community as whole felt the effects of the virus as we were told to stay home and work from home whenever possible. Unemployment has continued to grow with the advance of the pandemic, and relief checks did help but ultimately they are not the solution. Donald Trump downplayed the effects of the virus and now we are all paying the price of his irresponsible decision. Bernie Sanders is telling us that hunger in America is more prevalent than ever and he says it is time to receive the anxiety we are feeling and approve a $2,000 economic relief check. Other critics of Congress argue that even  that amount is not enough for people who are behind in their rent and have no money to buy food or medicines.  Covid-19 destroyed our economy, but Donald Trump has undermined our faith in the institutions that made this country the envy of the world. His alliance with Putin shook our faith in  our intelligence agencies and his affection for the Russian dictator destroyed our relationship with NATO. Donald Trump lost the election but he has done everything possible, in the courts as well as outside of the courts, to make his followers believe that the election was fraudulent, and at only a few days from Biden’s inauguration Trump insists on challenging the results of the vote. Trump is the political virus and he is as deadly as Covid for the soul of this country that he has endeavor to divide. Mitch McConnell and the Republican leaders have given aid and comfort to this president, and we can only hope that Mitch McConnell loses his leadership position. Trump could not even deal with the most serious challenge to his rule and to the last day he has refused to admit that Covid is real, that we need to listen to the scientists and that he lost the election. We are worse off than when he took office. Good riddance to this stable genius. Let’s hope for a better year in 2021.