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Statement from Councilmembers Johnson, Jones, and Gym on Police Facebook Posts

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Written by Helen Gym DATE: June 26, 2019

Commissioner Ross’s removal of dozens of officers from street duty is the first of many steps that must be taken in response to the racist, misogynistic, and violent postings by hundreds of retired and active duty police officers, as revealed in the Plain View Project report.  

“However, we remain deeply concerned that this will not be enough to restore public trust and provide the healing that our communities deserve. 
“Public safety is rooted in public trust and ensuring that all people feel safe and respected. This is especially crucial for law enforcement in working with communities to solve crimes. Gun violence in our city is a public health emergency. It will take all of us working together — in partnership with law enforcement — to support our residents with the programs and services they need, to finally establish common sense gun control, and to re-establish the public trust that is needed for true public safety.
“We stand with all our communities—Black, Muslim, immigrant, trans and gender non-conforming, women and youth—in denouncing these postings and calling for a greater form of disciplinary action to be taken in reference to these posts.  
“In 2014, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a report which included dozens of recommendations to improve accountability within the Philadelphia Police Department. Councilmembers Jones, Johnson and Gym will be calling for hearings to evaluate the Philadelphia Police Department’s progress on those recommendations. Additionally, next week, the Special Committee on Gun Violence Prevention will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday, June 26 in Council chambers and we encourage members of the public to attend and build a collective vision for public safety and meaningful accountability.”