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Socially-Distanced Debates and Assault in Philly: News Flash for 10/16/20

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  • President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden held separate town hall meetings last night after the second presidential debate was canceled. President Trump held his in Miami, Florida with host Savannah Guthrie of NBC News and Biden held his at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia with host George Stephanopoulos. Both candidates talked about their policies they would put into play if elected and what the other candidate is doing wrong or might do wrong. President Trump was questioned about QAnon, a pro-Trump conspiracy group, and if he would denounce them, which he deflected by saying he knew nothing about them. Biden, who had been avoiding questions about potentially packing the Supreme Court with judges, made clear his stance that he would do no such thing, but he would put in judges when the opportunity came.
  • A Philadelphia man was assaulted near the Ben Franklin Parkway encampment hours before it was dismantled. The 72-year-old man was beaten by a group of men after he took a picture of the encampment he thought to be empty. This came hours before the site was taken down by community organizers and police.