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Julie Viera & Chantel Brown

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Viera Vida started off as a lifestyle brand founded by Julie Viera. ‘Viera Vida’ is loosely translated from Spanish to ‘See Life’, and embodies the mantra which drives the lives of the 3 hosts of the Viera Vida show. Julie Viera believes in girl power and unity. Thus, she invited her 2 best friends to take part in the brand which is now a beautiful bond of 3 latina amigas with passion, drive and...well, a lot to say. These Philadelphia based latina millennials found that, though their lives were very different, their struggles were similar. They are the support system that every millennial needs as they navigate through life.

Chantel Brown (Afro Latina, African American, Puerto Rican) currently resides in Philadelphia but grew up in a small town in NJ. She is a mom and a wife. Chantel hopes that she can lend my voice so women listening know they are not alone facing the challenges and sometimes struggles of balancing a career along with being a wife and mom.

Mercedes Grubb Mercedes Grubb (Euro-Latina, Mixed, Mexican American) likes to refer to herself as a geek by day and aspiring influencer by night. She loves fashion and fitness, and just maybe the most fashionable athletic nerd you know!
Julie Viera (Boricua, Puerto Rican American) is a digital strategist and political buff by day and aspiring beauty and lifestyle guru by night. She loves a good lipstick, but when asked what she wanted to be in life, her answer is always “kind”.
Oh, and would these ladies be real millennials without a social media plug? Be sure to continue the conversation by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube all at @Viera Vida

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