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with Jacqueline Prince

Spiritual Awakening refers to a shift or a rising…in consciousness. The shift in consciousness takes place when one wakes up from the sleep of the lower, egoic driven reality of Harmonic Universe 1 Dimensions, 1, 2 and 3…where one perceives self-identity from an external or material reality…And shifts or rises INTO a Higher awareness of the True Nature of Self…This higher Self of a Divine Nature and an expanded consciousness of being aware that we are all Creators and One with all existence.

Global Awakening…that which is taking place across the planet now…is the shift from one reality to a New Reality… This is also called the “Time of Awakening.” This particular timing of Awakening….has been coded within your DNA. It is an appointed time of Awakening…and I know you can feel it.   You may not be able to put your finger on it…but it is happening in front of you. It  is a wave of Tsunami size…and it is time that you learn to ride this wave unto the heights this  entire globe is rising to.

As the shift in consciousness takes place…As The Awakening happens…humans will watch and participate in the falling away of, in the ousting of Old World systems that are worn out and no longer serve our higher states of mind and heart. New systems and new technologies making resources available to all…will be implemented as Humans awaken to their Divine Powers to make these changes and create a New World.

Spiritual Awakening on a global scale…also called the Harvest or Ascension or Resurrection…takes place when an entire Old World System, which has kept us in slavery and in a world consciousness of fear and limit and lack…is ready to make a shift into a New World Order of Love, Peace and Harmony for all sentient beings. No longer is it acceptable to accept such lower/deprived states of existence. In an Awakened state…humans no longer accept, nor do they participate in, or pay attention to… the deprivations caused by an energy structure of darkness. During this Awakening…there is tremendous revealing on a global scale of just how diabolical the world order is and the heart hungers and thirsts for the change.

As the old falls away…so does the old man. This is a painful journey for many. However…know that it is also a time of re-genesis, of transformation and of bringing in the New Man of the New World.

Awakened and Shifted states of consciousness… allows the human to make the crossing and access all necessary supply from a higher Source. They realize that  SOURCE IS THE CAUSE of all things…not the external world which they have identified with their entire lives…and for many lives.  In Awakening which is also a stripping away of that which is temporal…Humans  realize their Source of supply is Off-world…and truly does not come from this world. They become heart centered…and having crossed over and upward into a new energetic structure…they access their POWER and no longer give attention to the old.   FEAR LEAVES…AND LOVE ENTERS and they become co-creators of a New World.

“Awakening” has more of the active quality of a verb and therefore suggests a movement or shift in consciousness. An awakening may be defined as a sudden increase in the overall amount of consciousness an individual is experiencing or it can take place over a period of time. So…there can be small awakenings and bigger awakenings. Not only does consciousness have unlimited potential for the amount of awakeness, but it also has an unlimited potential to shift in any way, at any moment.

The potential for the amount of awakening of awareness is dependent on Thought and Belief…For your outer reality is created unto you as you believe. Shifting from the belief that external conditions are reality…to knowing that your thoughts and beliefs and emotions create one’s reality…one chooses to take control of his world through his thinking and becomes the Master of his world.

Consciousness then shifts from contracted states of fear, anger, or hurt to expanded states of peace and joy, from lack, to supply, from hate to love, from pain and suffering to a sense of well being…from victim to Master. The Awakening process, is a process of intention and discipline to hold thoughts captive and bring them into Higher States of consciousness and vibrations.

Spiritual awakening is an awareness of a dimension of reality beyond the confines of the ego. The ego is our exclusive sense of self or “I.” This awakening occurs when, for whatever reason, the ego somehow let’s go so that a Higher Self or Spirit can arise within. It is the Awakening of God in man. The New Man.

Awakening is the process of waking up to your true potential as a human being and freeing yourself from unconscious/subconscious programs of stories of lack and limitation.

Humanity is breaking away from the old paradigm, which is falling away and into a new revolution of consciousness. Letting go of who the world has told you to be and to become who you really are—moving forward to focus on your mission and goals in life which allow the Life Force to flow through you in the manifest forms of Happiness and abundance. Liberation of mind and heart is at the center of Awakening.

Awakening is a process of the death of the old…that the old world structure is falling down all around…and a birthing of the new is taking place. It is the death of the old man and the resurrection of the New Man that is Master and Creator. No longer a victim mentality.

Awakening into one’s true Nature is the discovery and realization of one’s true authenticity and of accessing Absolute Power which belongs to all Divine Beings.

Waking up…lifts you upward and out of the lower vibrating energy grid and aligns you with the world of light and love…The New World.

Awakening really is about coming to your center…which is your place of attention NOW.

What really matters is what your awareness is doing right now.

How is your consciousness appearing or shifting in this moment?

Are you realizing more of your experience and Essence right now?

Are you FEELING what you wish to feel? You are Master…

Or are you contracting and limiting your awareness with thoughts and identifications of a lower, destructive nature? Of subconscious programs that you have no control of…but of which control you!

And so: “The Awakening”  is a Process of wakening up to the truth of WHO and WHAT you truly are.


Awakened…I AM aware…of The Miracle of Life flowing through me…as “I”.


Consider the miracle of a flower. What is it that causes a plant to flower? Does sunshine cause a plant to flower? Does lots of water? Or is it good soil? Maybe all of these together? Or is there really something more subtle in the very “NATURE”  of the flower itself that causes it to flower? Being aware of this SOMETHING…back of all things…as that same Life Force which sustains my very breath…my every heartbeat…is awakening to the realization that this “Life Force” flowing through me as my Divine Self. I use this Divine Life Force within me…to create and manifest the desires of my heart…to accomplish the perfection of Love into all of my outer conditions.

Connected in Awakened Awareness… to Divine Self…I AM  connected to all things…to existence everywhere. Therefore…my Awakened Inner Self…reflects outward into external conditions. I am the change I wish to see in my outer world. I Change my inner world and I change my outer world. I begin to realize that I AM responsible for all Life…as I AM connected with all Life.


Is there an ultimate force that directs the creation and unfolding of all expressions of form that is behind the appearance of a rose or a daisy? The Answer is YES.

Awakening…is the realization of this Higher Life Force back of all things…as residing in the center of my own Self which lies within my heart space.

If you trace all the factors back to all their causes, you find that everything that exists is somehow intimately connected. When an individual awakens to his own personal connection with that Life Force that flows through everything…there is an awakening into one’s true nature…

Tapping into this power…which is also a power to create and manifest the desire of one’s heart…a feeling of liberation comes over the individual knowing that “I AM” Master of my own Destiny and Captain of My Own Ship.” Freedom from the pain and suffering which are the results of feeling helpless … are the feelings of true liberation.

Spiritual awakening is a kind of flowering of consciousness. When consciousness expands and opens into a new expression, we call that a spiritual awakening.

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