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Bringing the voices and stories of Argentine tango. Owner & Director of the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School, Meredith Klein first discovered Argentine tango in 1997, while completing her B.A. in Music Theory.


From that moment, tango began to take over her life. In 2005, she moved to Buenos Aires, where she lived for three years, deepening her study of the dance, culture and music of tango. Immediately upon arriving in Buenos Aires, she met her dance partner, Andres Amarilla, a porteño (life-long resident of the city of Buenos Aires) and they launched a career that led them to teach and perform in 40 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as Australia, Poland, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Brazil, and Argentina, before founding the school in Philadelphia.

Meredith has witnessed the power of tango to build connections between individuals and communities the world over. She is excited to bring the voices and stories of Argentine tango dancers (professional and amateur), musicians, and performers to USALA, and to share the varied and gorgeous music of Argentine tango with her audience.

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