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History tells us that human interaction changes with the times and manners adapt to the times. Good manners enable us to face whatever the future may bring with the strength of character and integrity. It allows us to be flexible enough to respect those whose beliefs and traditions differ from our own. Civility and courtesy hold society together and in today’s world, we need these qualities more than ever.

Iris Violeta Colón-Torres was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and raised in the community of La Playa de Ponce. She was fortunate to grow up in a community called La Señorial, where the Puerto Rican culture was celebrated with pride. Her critical thinking skills were defined by three strong women, her grandmother, her mother and her aunt. These puertorriqeñas succinctly taught her all she needed to know about who she was.

She came to the mainland in 1970 to pursue a Master’s in art and a Ph.D. in Latin American History. Iris has extensive experience working with women issues, employment, health, politics and the justice system. She worked twenty-five years for the Court of Common Pleas. For the past thirty years her focus is advocating for urban and disadvantaged populations especially for battered women and children.

Iris Violeta is also known as a writer, poet and journalist. Her publications include: Moments in Time. Tears of Fire: A Question of Balance Perceptions; Distinguished Poets of America; Reflections of the Soul. Un poema de Amor para una Noche Solitaria. Soy Mujer, Madre, Hija, Hermana, Compañera. De Amores y Llantos; El Hombre su Isla y la Fábula, just to name a few.

In 2014, she was named one of the hundred Puerto Rican women whose life and literary accomplishments, of the history of the Puerto Rican Community, in the United States, be saved at Hunter college.

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