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Comedian Che Guerrero (an immigrant himself) talks to people who have come to America in pursuit of their dream and how they are maneuvering through these turbulent times. Che Guerrero has spent 12 years tackling race, marriage, and work through stand-up comedy.

Caminando por Latinoamerica replaces American Immigrant during normal rotation. Airs once a month on Saturdays at 5:00 PM.


A revolutionary voice on the modern comedy scene, Che’s style is rooted in his experiences growing up undocumented. His sense of humor and command of the stage is the result of obstacles often unseen by the average American.

In 2014, Che broke out on the New York scene with a feature on Gotham Comedy. He released his first album, “Thank You that’s My Time” in 2016 and continued to hit every stage from The Hoboken Comedy Festival to The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. By 2018, Che was being highlighted on BET as part of 50 Central’s “Artist Spotlight.” While his album remains in constant rotation on Sirius XM, his “American Immigrant Podcast” chronicles the lives and work of comedians of all backgrounds to illustrate the true fabric of the scene.

Che is very much respected by his fellow comedians. Billy Gardell, star of the hit show Mike and Molly, said “[Che’s] comedy takes a unique perspective on life.” Broad City star Ilana Glaser said “what makes [Che] so successful at stand-up is his immediately apparent compassion and gentle approach on rough subjects like race, marriage and work.” Carlos Mencia said “[Che] will be the first Dominican stand-up comic to make it big!”

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