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Philly Riots and Justice Barrett: News Flash for 10/27/20

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  • Following the shooting and death of 27-year-old Walter Wallace after an escalated confrontation with Philadelphia police, crowds took to the streets of West Philadelphia last night to protest what is being seen as a continuation of police brutality in America. A video circulating online shows Wallace approaching police with a knife and the officers shooting him when he failed to comply with their orders. Following the news of the shooting and the video making the rounds online, large crowds took to the streets to protest the death, leading to large scale riots and vandalism. In response to the riots, the National Guard is expected to be present in Philadelphia tonight.
  • Amy Coney Barrett was sworn into her new office as a Supreme Court Justice last night at the White House. The event was streamed live through several different media outlets, with longtime Justice Clarence Thomas swearing Barrett in. President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Barrett’s husband, Jesse M. Barrett, were on stage with her. Justice Barrett officially recited her judical oath this morning with Chief Justice John Roberts.