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Philly Restrictions, New-New Vaccine, and SpaceX Launch: News Flash for 11/16/20

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  • After a recent spike in COVID cases throughout the city, Mayor Kenney and other Philadelphia officials plan on announcing new restrictions on businesses, restaurants, and social gatherings. Similar to the last set of restrictions, these are meant to combat the rise of COVID cases and deaths in the city and the state. USALA Magazine will be here to update our viewership on any and all updates on the announcements.
  • Just a week after the first successful vaccine was announced, drugmaker Moderna has announced the making of a second successful COVID-19 vaccine. With Pfizer’s vaccine showing a 90% success rate, Moderna’s has a rate of 94.5%. The owners of Moderna wish to work with other drugmakers and scientists to make the vaccines available around the world in the very near future.
  • SpaceX, in collaboration with NASA, held their first manned mission into space. The Crew Dragon, aboard SpaceX’s Falcon rocket ship, launched into space to test the new rockets the two companies worked on. SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk plans on holding more manned missions for space exploration and to further his plans on researching Mars for living space and commercial space flights.