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Parting shot – Everybody knows

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Author: Fernando Mendez 3/2/21

One of Trump’s favorite declarations was false in every instance. He was fond of saying “Everybody knows…”. Before stating a lie, an exaggeration or a distortion. One of the most outrageous was this: “Everybody knows that I am smart.” Well, no, Mr. Trump, maybe the brainwashed millions who followed you believed that, and worshipped your amazing brain. They would have put your brain on a pedestal surrounded by candles upon your death, but what most of us, the other millions have always known, from those days when you were a feature on page 6, is that you are really stupid, arrogant, and ignorant. When you said that you are a stable genius, it occurred to this writer that you are most like a stable horse’s ass. That image brought to mind a cartoon of a horse with a blond mane, his ass to the front, below a sign that read STABLE. You are neither smart nor stable, and you have had to threaten the schools you attended with law suits, to stop them from releasing proof of your abysmal ignorance. In the future you might be known as the know-nothing president. You might be remembered forever as the moron who wanted to become a tyrant, and inspired thousands of thugs to attack democracy.  You know nothing, and as we get ready to return our country to sanity and normalcy, we feel compelled to tell you something you will not hear from the sycophants around you.

Here is what everybody knows:

You failed to get a proper education.

You failed to develop a sense of fairness.

You failed to learn the need for knowledge, because money bought everything.

You failed to grow out of your privileged infancy.

You failed to develop a sense of morality and ethics.

You failed to understand what it means to be a leader.

You failed to recognize the threat of Covid-19.

You failed to inform the public, and failed to recognize the role of the media.

You failed to protect the country against the virus.

You failed to embrace the science that could have helped in the fight against Covid.

You failed to support the states who needed funding to buy the necessary equipment.

You failed to appoint knowledgeable, well-informed professionals to deal with covid, choosing instead to appoint your smug and incompetent son-in-law to lead the way.

You failed to order enough vaccines when they were  offered to you.

You failed to support the people who died in hospitals for lack of respirators or proper equipment.

You failed promote the most basic safety rules that would have saved thousands of lives.

You failed as a businessman, and nobody, no building, wants to have your name at the top.

You failed our friends and allies when they needed a friend and a leader.

You failed as a president.

And we are all grateful you failed to overturn democracy.

Go away. Stay away.

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