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News Flash for 10/5/20

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  • President Trump is still in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after he and the First lady were diagnosed with COVID-19 last week. Despite his perceived optimism in the face of the virus, doctors at the medical center have reported that the President has had several health scares since he was admitted. Doctors overseeing him said that his blood oxygen levels had dropped twice in the first two days he was in the hospital and that he had to be put on steroids after medical intervention was required to help him. With the President being over the age of 65, he is in an age group more susceptible to the virus being more deadly and potentially being life-threatening. It was reported that Trump was given a mix of experimental drugs to combat the virus, but doctors and medical professionals are watching over him to ensure his health and his safety. The President gave an impromptu appearance outside of the medical center on Sunday to wave at a group of supporters outside the hospital from his armored vehicle.
  • While traffic patterns in Philadelphia have waned since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts predict that traffic could get worse in the city as restrictions on work and businesses lift from the city. There has been a major decrease in everyday traffic because many people are still working from home, but general travel has not been affected in and around the city. With businesses and offices reopening, experts at SEPTA predict that traffic will come back with a vengeance, resulting in constant gridlock traffic over the next few months. There is also the concern that car traffic will increase with more and more people unwilling to use public transportation while the COVID-19 virus is still out, along with the fact that SEPTA trains are not running as frequently due to the lack of commuters in and out of the city. 
  • Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania has stated that he will not run for reelection to the Senate in 2022 and that he will not run for Governor, effectively leaving public politics in his state. Senator Toomey made the announcement at 10 a.m. Monday morning in Bethlehem, Pa. A major Pennsylvania Republican, Toomey has stated that he will serve the rest of his term and that he will seek “to go back to the private sector.” The Senator stated that he is not running for reelection for personal reasons and that, a supporter of term limits, he has been in office for the last 18 of 24 years. He mentioned that the decisions and actions of President Trump have nothing to do with his decision. 
  • Three scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discovery of the virus hepatitis C in the late-80s. Scientists Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton, and Charles M. Rice have been awarded for their contributions to the worlds of science and global health. The virus has contributed to long-lasting health issues and death around the world, and the research from this group of scientists has made controlling and understanding the virus more of a reality.