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News Flash for 9/22/20

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  • An employee of the Philadelphia Office of Violence Prevention has been placed on leave after two gun charges have been brought against him. Morris Hobson, a Group Violence Intervention Coordinator for the City of Philadelphia, is currently on leave while the charges against him are being investigated. The charges against him happened before he was hired by the City of Philadelphia and he did not properly disclose this to his employer. A statement from city officials says “We believe Morris is entitled to due process, and we await the conclusion of that process.”
  • In the search for a new president of Temple University, residents of North Philadelphia are demanding to be included in the search. A protest on Broad Street was held on Monday by local residents and politicians, including Gale Loney, a resident who has fought the university on issues that affect the surrounding neighborhoods, and Pennsylvania State Representative and Temple alum Malcolm Kenyatta. “This community is filled with people of color who are qualified, educated and more than capable of doing a search and research for a president for this university,” Loney said. Many people from the North Philadelphia region believe that the university’s lack of diversity in their committee will lead to bad leadership in the future, and the inclusion of more Black and Latino members will strengthen the university and the community it is located in.
  • Philadelphia Weekly, a weekly ‘alt’ newspaper in the Philadelphia region, will be switching their political stance from liberal to conservative by the end of the year. “Conservatives are the ones who no longer have a voice — especially here in Philly,” said Ed Lynes, chief revenue officer of Philadelphia Weekly. The paper has started a Kickstarter campaign looking to gain $5,900 for changes to the paper’s means of operations and to hire new voices to write for the paper.