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News Flash for 10/6/20

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  • President Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center yesterday afternoon after testing positive for COVID-19, along with the First Lady. After a series of social media posts and an impromptu drive-by meeting to greet his supporters outside of the hospital, the President and the First Lady left the hospital via helicopter yesterday afternoon around 6:30 p.m. and went back to the White House, where Trump gave a message to the American public about his condition. Removing his mask, he said that the virus is nothing to worry about and that he is feeling fine. Critics and media personalities are pointing out the lack of precautions and health standards the President and his entourage are showing before, during, and after his visit to the hospital. Trump is above the age range where the virus is considered deadly and medical professionals warn that he is not in the safe zone just yet.
  • A Philadelphia woman is in critical condition after a chemical attack in Germantown on Tuesday morning. The 61-year-old victim was leaving her home when an unknown assailant threw a chemical liquid in her face. She was taken to Temple University Hospital. Police are still looking for the suspect.
  • The Philadelphia Housing Authority has finally reached a deal with the protest camp that situated itself outside of the Authority’s headquarters. The protest camp was demanding changes in housing in the city, which they argue has lead to an increase in homelessness and housing discrimination. The camp left the site to allow for the construction of a new housing development and a supermarket after the Philadelphia Housing Authority agreed to aid people in housing aid and finding affordable housing, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.