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News Flash for 10/1/20

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  • President Trump’s campaign has sued the City of Philadelphia over the handling of the satellite election offices. Trump has been criticizing the move toward mail-in voting and satellite voting around the country as an opportunity for voter fraud since it was proposed months ago. The 14-page lawsuit, filed in Pennsylvania, questions the ethics and legitimacy of the satellite voting locations in the city. The campaign wants there to be observers at the polls making sure that there is no illicit activity going on, but several lawmakers through the state are questioning the legality of such a request.
  • The election locations in Philadelphia are facing more issues as it was found that memory sticks and a laptop used to control voting machines were stolen from a warehouse in East Falls. Officials are unsure of when the equipment was stolen, but they have said that they are sure it will not interfere with the Nov. 3 election. The incident comes days after President Trump remarked that “bad things happen in Philadelphia” during his first debate with former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday. Officials worry that the incident will be used for political gain as it makes its way through the news cycle.

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