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New Show on USALA Radio: Thinking Constellationally

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Philadelphia, PA. Thinking Constellationally is connecting the Dots between Systems of Inequity, and Between Ourselves and Our Neighbors.

The show will highlight root causes of poverty and homelessness, what we need to do to overcome it, how poverty is connected to other systems of inequity, and how we can connect with our neighbors to build a stronger safety net. The show will also amplify voices from our community that experience poverty and homelessness, and voices of those on the front lines trying to fix the systems that produce it.

TEDx VillanovaU presents: Let’s Imagine 10/23/15.
With Stephanie Sena.

Hosts Stephanie Sena is the Founder and Executive Director of Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia (SREHUP) a non-profit homeless shelter operating since 2011, and The Breaking Bread Community, Homelessness and Affordable Housing Initiative, which builds houses, community centers, community gardens, and art installations for people in poverty. Stephanie teaches history in the Center for Peace and Justice at Villanova University. Her awards include the Villanova University Pohlhaus-Stracciolini Award for Teaching Excellence, and the Greater Philadelphia Social Innovators Award for Social Impact in the area of housing and homelessness. She has presented her work at conferences and forums and has given two TEDx Talks on poverty and homelessness, and how we can work to overcome these systems of inequity. She has a forthcoming book on homeless prevention and eradication.

 The show airs every Wednesday at 11:00am, Thursday at 9:00am and Saturday at 1:00pm.