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Yasmina Richardson / Director of Social Media

Determined, dynamic and driven. Yasmina Richardson studied strategic, legal, and management communications at the illustrious Howard University. Hailing from West Philadelphia Yasmina uses her skills to uplift her community and those around her. From working with organizations such as Jumpstart! and the Social Justice School she is dedicated to the betterment of all people. She is currently serving as the Director of Social Media for USALA Media.

Yasmina believes that it is possible for everyone to shine and spread light within their corners of the world. These beliefs are what prompted her to start her blog 400 Shades of Beauty and to work with USALA Media. With her blog, the work at USALA, and her degree from Howard University Yasmina hopes to be a leader in the communications industry by highlighting intersectionality and its importance in developing positive change in the world.