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Election Results and Legal Marijuana: News Flash for 11/4/20

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  • Key states for the presidential election are still counting ballots today, the day after Election Day. With the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia still undecided, the election is still underway, with the results leaving both candidates in a close finish. President Trump has announced that he and his campaign are demanding a recount for the state of Wisconsin after an uptick of ballots for Biden. President Trump also attempted to call the nomination early, with many Democrats and Republicans criticizing him for calling in such a close race. With these states still in the process of counting their votes, the results might not be in until this evening or even this Friday.
  • New Jersey has voted to legalize recreational marijuana throughout the state. The vote came in as an overwhelming “Yes” after voters voiced their opinion that they wanted marijuana to be legalized. This is predicted to significantly reduce drug-related arrests in New Jersey. Much of the country has legalized medical marijuana, and several states have already legalized recreational marijuana.