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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8th, 2019 The Philadelphia School District has closed two schools indefinitely after renovations uncovered deadly asbestos. The closure of the schools, housed in the same building, comes just weeks after a longtime teacher in the city’s schools was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an incurable cancer most often caused by asbestos exposure. News of the closure and the […]

By Matt Miller | Date Octuber 7th, 2019 A 75-year-old midstate doctor who insisted he was showing compassion, not criminal intent, when he prescribed thousands of pills of opioid painkillers to a patient as they sat in his van won’t be going to federal prison.  Instead, after an array of witnesses testified to his decades […]

Por Anna Almendrala, Octuber 3rd, 2019California Healthline Llevaba 12 años comprándole cremas faciales a la amiga de una amiga. La última vez fue Rejuveness, una versión de la crema antiarrugas de la compañía Pond’s que se fabrica y vende en México. Pero alguien en el estado mexicano de Jalisco mezcló la crema con un compuesto […]

By Brian Sims and Donna Bullock Aug 26, 2019 Next week, Pennsylvanians will get a visit from the U.S. women’s soccer team. We’re more than excited to celebrate with the world champions, but their upcoming visit reminds us of their struggle as well. Their continued success on the field has not translated into fair compensation […]

Written By Esteban Cabrera Aug 26, 2019 “El foco de la discusión de las políticas de transparencia y el cumplimiento de las obligaciones de acceso a la información se ha volcado a todas aquellas instituciones que no son parte del Estado pero que contribuyen a la construcción de decisiones y valores que afectan a toda […]

Written by: Esteban Cabrera Date: Aug 9th 2019 Philadelphia, PA: Texas y Ohio se convirtieron en los últimos escenarios de odio explícito en contra de los latinos en EEUU. El presunto criminal de Texas había elaborado un manifiesto para “matar tantos mexicanos como le fuera posible”. El miedo se ha expandido entre todas las comunidades latinas […]

Written by: RUSS O’REILLY Date: Aug 13th 2019 Starting in the fall of 2020, children who were in the foster care system will be able to go to college tuition free. Gov. Tom Wolf signed the Fostering Independence Through Education Act on June 28, which waives tuition for youth who were in foster care at […]

Author: The PLS Reporter/Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Democrats again appealed to Gov. Tom Wolf Wednesday to call a special session on gun control, following recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, as well as sustained gun violence in Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley. At least one Republican has joined that call, with Rep. Wendi Thomas […]

Written by Stephen Caruso, 7/25/2019. Surrounded by law enforcement officials from the county to federal level, Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced the addition of the Pennsylvania State Police to a growing network of allies with an aim to track guns used in crimes. “Our response calls for an all-hands-on-deck approach,” Shapiro said Wednesday, of addressing the […]

By Steve Bittenbender, July 18, 2019 Pennsylvania is at particular risk of an undercount in the 2020 Census. This potential undercount could be due to: a disproportionately older population that is likely to struggle with online collection of responses; large rural areas with limited broad band access; and a high proportion of traditionally hard-to-count communities. According to a […]