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This year will always be remembered for two things: the Covid-19 pandemic and the defeat of Donald Trump. The virus caused damage to the health of millions of Americans, killed more than 334 thousand, and destroyed the economy of the nation. Until Covid-19 arrived, Philadelphia had become one of the best restaurant cities in the […]

Pennsylvania will be strengthening its mask mandate after a spike in COVID-19 cases through the state, specifically in Philadelphia. In the city, Mayor Kenny announced yesterday that the city will begin undergoing more restrictions to businesses, restaurants, and public places to combat the rise of the virus. This includes businesses going back to working from […]

Following the impeachment and removal of Martin Vizcarra, Peru’s third president in five years, the country had Manuel Merino replace the ousted Vizcarra. While Vizcarra’s two-year presidency was marred by controversy, especially after locking down his country during the COVID-19 pandemic and supplying no economic relief, Merino’s new position has further escalated the ongoing political […]

After much deliberation, the School District of Philadelphia has decided to delay in-person classes following an uptick of COVID cases in America. Schools in the city will continue with hybrid and online classes for the foreseeable future to ensure the safety of staff and students. Originally planning to go back to in-person classes in November, […]

After a long and contentious presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th President of the United States. After winning key swing states on Saturday morning, including Pennsylvania, Biden surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency at 290; President Trump is still at 214 electoral votes. While […]

La luz al Final de Fernando Mendez Hemos llegado a una encrucijada, a un punto de inflexión: de aquí en adelante nos dedicaremos a reconstruir nuestras instituciones. Los cuatro años de Donald Trump serán un triste paréntesis en la historia de esta nación. Este período ha sido tan divisivo que algunos comentaristas están preocupados de […]

Joe Biden is currently leading in Pennsylvania and Georgia, leaving many pollsters and news analysts believing he will win the presidency. President Trump is still standing by his belief that there is voter fraud in several states, and lawsuits and recounts will be taking place in the near future. Protests and celebrations for the predicted […]

Two days after Election Day, America still does not know who the next President will be. In one of the most suspenseful races in American history, several states have yet to call who their vote is for. Pennsylvania is still considered the swing state to make or break the race, but with delayed results coming […]

Key states for the presidential election are still counting ballots today, the day after Election Day. With the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia still undecided, the election is still underway, with the results leaving both candidates in a close finish. President Trump has announced that he and his campaign are demanding […]

Por el bien de la nación de Fernando Mendez El ex presidente Barack Obama finalmente ha salido a apoyar la campaña de Joe Biden por la presidencia. Dice que esta es la elección más importante de nuestro tiempo, lo que hace que la gente se pregunte por qué no expresó su apoyo antes. Él y […]