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Author: Cesar Galvis 3/2/2021 En días pasados recordé parte de mi infancia y de momentos felices que pase junto a mis amigos y familiares. Recordé cuando jugaba en la calle y conversaba tópicos entretenidos que solamente nosotros entendíamos.  Nos comíamos un helado, nos reíamos, echábamos chistes, hablamos de tantas cosas que pasábamos ratos inolvidables. Ahora […]

La luz al Final de Fernando Mendez Hemos llegado a una encrucijada, a un punto de inflexión: de aquí en adelante nos dedicaremos a reconstruir nuestras instituciones. Los cuatro años de Donald Trump serán un triste paréntesis en la historia de esta nación. Este período ha sido tan divisivo que algunos comentaristas están preocupados de […]

Kamala Harris v Mike Pence by Fernando Mendez This debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence was a good way to prepare to have a good night of sleep, mainly when Pence spoke endlessly of the success and great performance of Donald Trump. Some pundits are calling Pence’s performance flaccid. We could […]

Whiplash by Fernando Mendez Let’s remember that Boris Yeltsin, the former leader of the new Russia, was thrown out of office for his drunken and erratic escapades. And he was suffering only from the effects of too much Vodka. Now, the sinking ship of our economy is being led by a captain under the influence […]

by Fernando Mendez Something about the announcement that Trump tested positive for Covid-19 made us think that nature has a way to extract justice. There is no reason to celebrate that the president contracted the illness that he ignored at the start, only to state later that it would not last. We sensed genuine concern […]

by Fernando Mendez It is now obvious why Donald Trump said he didn’t need to prepare for the debate against Joe Biden. He did not go to the debate to present his vision for the future, to defend his record, and perhaps to say “I can do better” if the American people give decontrol of both […]

by Fernando Mendez For her 27 years on the United States Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the voice of the underprivileged, women, gays and justice for everyone. As a young lawyer, she argued before the Supreme Court for the right of women to vote, to control their bodies, to have equal rights in the […]

by Fernando Mendez In the 2016 election many voters chose to give a vote to the Green Party or the Libertarian Party to send a message to the “establishment,” that their vote must not be taken for granted. Think again. If as a person concerned about environmental degradation you chose to vote for Jill Stein, […]

Written by Fernando Mendez, September 12th 2019 There are no grown ups in the Oval Office, and therefore the punk in charge is running amok. He wanted to meet with the Taliban, which John Bolton said was not a good idea. Trump wanted to meet the Iranian leader which John Bolton, a controversial hawk in […]

By Aja Beech June 4th, 2019 How the District Philadelphia Attorney’s Office handles death penalty cases is a subject I have written about and worked on for about a decade. I have followed cases from around the world and was in the courtroom for cases in Philadelphia and at the Supreme Court in Harrisburg. Over […]