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The art culture found in Philadelphia is known throughout the country for its unique styles and the dozens of murals found throughout the city. Many artists have made a name for themselves here through their art and their contributions to the community. With this culture comes many unique backstories to show where this art comes […]

by John Fey 68% of Philadelphians identify as Christian, the largest faith group in the world. Home to historic churches around the city, Philly is an epicenter for Christian teachings, worship, and community services through the leaders of these churches. Janet Ramos, one of the city’s first female pastors, has been preaching to her mostly […]

After a recent spike in COVID cases throughout the city, Mayor Kenney and other Philadelphia officials plan on announcing new restrictions on businesses, restaurants, and social gatherings. Similar to the last set of restrictions, these are meant to combat the rise of COVID cases and deaths in the city and the state. USALA Magazine will […]

After much deliberation, the School District of Philadelphia has decided to delay in-person classes following an uptick of COVID cases in America. Schools in the city will continue with hybrid and online classes for the foreseeable future to ensure the safety of staff and students. Originally planning to go back to in-person classes in November, […]

by John Fey, Editor-in-Chief With the rise of satellite and mail-in voting around the country, many Philadelphians are utilizing the safer voting practice this election to vote for their candidate of choice. Philadelphia is a city of wide diversity and different cultural backgrounds, with a large percentage of the population being of Latino and African […]

Following the shooting and death of 27-year-old Walter Wallace after an escalated confrontation with Philadelphia police, crowds took to the streets of West Philadelphia last night to protest what is being seen as a continuation of police brutality in America. A video circulating online shows Wallace approaching police with a knife and the officers shooting […]

Protests for Armenia shut down multiple streets in Philadelphia yesterday. Armenian American Philadelphians took to the streets to protest the deadly conflict their home country is in the midst of. Azerbaijan, backed by the Turkish government, has been in conflict with Armenia in a dispute over who violated a ceasefire agreement between the two countries. […]

*WARNING: The story about Gisele Barreto Fetterman, Second Lady of Pennsylvania, contains a link to a video she took at the end of a racially-motivated argument, where the women in the video uses a racial epithet against her. Some readers and viewers might find this offensive and hard to listen to. Viewer discretion is advised.* […]

Judge Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in today to begin the Supreme Court nomination hearings for a spot on the Supreme Court. This comes after the death of longtime Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Barrett is President Trump’s pick for filling the vacancy. The hearings consisted of Democrats and Republicans making arguments for and against the […]

Vice President Mike Pence and Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris had their first and only debate last night at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. The two candidates, kept apart through social distancing and plexiglass shields, were questioned by moderator Susan Page of USA Today. The hour and a half debate covered […]