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Armenian Protests, Lost Hiker Found, and Dinosaurs Discovered: News Flash for 10/19/20

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  • Protests for Armenia shut down multiple streets in Philadelphia yesterday. Armenian American Philadelphians took to the streets to protest the deadly conflict their home country is in the midst of. Azerbaijan, backed by the Turkish government, has been in conflict with Armenia in a dispute over who violated a ceasefire agreement between the two countries. A large group of protesters took to the streets and their activities shut down traffic on I-676 near 3rd Street and later moved to I-95.
  • A hiker who was last seen entering Zion National Park over two weeks ago was found alive yesterday. Holly Courtier, 38, entered the Utah park on October 6th and hadn’t been heard from since. A search team of rangers and volunteers had gone into the park, with her daughter joining the search. She was found safe after a tip from another hiker guided the search party to her location.
  • A significant discovery of dinosaur bones has been found by a 12-year-old boy in Canada. Nathan Hrushkin and his father, Dion Hrushkin, discovered the bones of a young hadrosaur while hiking through a conservation site in Horseshoe Canyon, located in the Alberta Prairies. Nathan and his father sent pictures of the bones to the Royal Tyrell Museum, who confirmed that their find was legitimate. The Museum sent a team to excavate the site, finding between 30 to 50 bones; the team estimates the remains to be 69 million years old. Nathan, an aspiring paleontologist, had been searching the area for fossils for a long time.“My dad and I have been visiting this property for a couple of years, hoping to find a dinosaur fossil, and we’ve seen lots of little bone fragments,” he said in a statement.