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Tierra Mestiza

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Silvia Abalos

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Silvia Abalos – Contributor


It was June 24, 1980; “The simple day of San Juan,” that for the first time, the public square in Tapatío heard the voice of Silvia Abalos interpreting Pirecuas, Romances, Corridos, Lullaby in Huichol and Boleros.

Silvia, interprets Mexican music in Spanish and in indigenous languages: Purépecha, Huichol, Náhuatl and Zapoteco. She also interprets the work of Mexican writers such as Pancho Madrigal, Luis Manuel Mercado, Rafael Mendoza, David Haro, Marcial Alejandro and Memo Briseño, musicians who have written the musical history of Mexico.

Silvia has collaborated with musicians from different countries such as: Venezuela, Spain, Brazil, France, Africa, Argentina, Cuba, Martinique, Uruguay, Belgium and Mexico. This multiculturalism gives her music a unique color. She mixes Afro-Mexican roots with indigenous and Spanish roots that, combined with jazz or more current rhythms, achieve a totally contemporary and universal “MESTIZA” music. She has performed at several cultural festivals in France, Belgium, Mexico, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Currently, she works for the Radio Campus Latino of the Free University of Brussels with her program “MUJERES POR LA PAZ.”

Presenting: “Tierra Mestiza”

Tierra Mestiza is a show elevating Afro-Mexican roots with indigenous and Spanish roots combined with jazz – achieving a totally contemporary and universal “MESTIZA” music.

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