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Sulaih Picorelli is a community advocate, and financial coach who has dedicated her career to helping people take hold of their financial futures.

Throughout her years of working closely with community members, Sulaih came to understand financial literacy as a foundation of a responsible and fulfilling life. These observations — as well as powerful personal experiences — put her on the path to becoming a master financial coach.

Today, Sulaih combines her community experience with financial knowledge, working in multiple capacities to help others regain control of their lives and free themselves from debt. She began teaching immediately following her financial certification and continues to channel her passion and expertise into her work as a benefits planner, fundraising consultant and as a member of planning committees for nonprofit events.

A regular guest on USALA Radio’s Mesa Redonda, hosted by Fernando Mendez, Sulaih is now widely recognized for her ability to make personal finance simple and approachable. In the coming months, she plans/will (use whichever word you want) reach even more listeners with the launch of her own radio program “The Bottom Line” which will highlight the human side of money management while delivering hopeful, practical information for anyone seeking a financial fresh start — or recovering from rock bottom.

Sulaih is an insurance broker with Nester Insurance, and serves as compliance officer for Prospanica Philadelphia. As your insurance broker, she’s perfectly suited — personally and professionally — to help you navigate your options and make optimal choices for your situation.

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