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with Willxi Alvarez, Juan Adames, Nykee Elder, and Arianna Cabrera

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Leaders of Tomorrow

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Leaders of tomorrow’s mission is to educate the youth with knowledge you often wouldn’t learn in a school setting. By doing so, we are bringing in guest speakers from different careers that will provide their personal career choice journey. As near peer mentors, we will have talk sessions for the youth to make a comfortable environment.

LOT Crew will always make sure that every person, thought, and plan is heard! As a group, we all have the same end goal which is to make our youth feel as though they have people to reach too and not feel like they’re on their own! We have a long journey ahead of us, and as much as we all got each other, with everyone’s positive input we hope to grow and have you guys apart of our journey to make our upcoming generation our well prepared leaders of tomorrow!

My name is Willxi Alvarez! I”m a 17-year-old senior at Tacony Academy Charter High
School, and Co-Founder of Leaders Of Tomorrow. I have a GPA of 3.94 and am the top
5 in my class! My purpose for this organization is to enlighten the upcoming generation
on having another outlook and preparation in life. In my 17 years, I’ve gained plenty of
wisdom (All thanks to my oldest sister). We’ve all had our own personal issues as a kid
(such as I) and felt as though there was no rising from it, which is why this is no longer
my belief, I want our upcoming generation to also believe that everything happens for a
reason and it’s up to YOU on how you benefit from it positively!

My name is Juan Adames, I am a 17-year-old senior at Germantown Academy, and
Founder of Leaders Of Tomorrow. I currently have a 3.26 GPA, I am the President of
the Black Student Alliance at Germantown Academy, and serve as a Prefect for the
school. My purpose for the organization is to help build bridges for the youth in the
community, in hopes of crafting leaders of tomorrow! With the participants not being far
in age from us, we will be able to learn from them as well as provide wisdom. With the
insight of my peers and I; we will be able to not only teach the kids life lessons. But build
relationships that in the future will become opportunities for the kids that they wouldn’t
have without being a part of our organization.

My name is Nykee Elder, I’m 17 years old and will be attending Abraham Lincoln High
School for my senior year. Many things have happened in my life, but I’m making the
best of it each step of the way. While taking these steps, I hope to help other kids with
issues they’ve encountered that is someway like my own. I’m here to listen and advise
kids with the situations they’re in and give the best feedback I can. Kids deserve to be
HEARD as well as adults. Kids are our future and we try to offer all the help and support
they need to be the BEST that they can be! We just want the best for the youth, and I
hope that so do you!

My name is Arianna Cabrera! I’m a 16-year-old rising junior at Nazareth Academy High
School and Manager of Leaders Of Tomorrow. Throughout my high school career, I
have received awards such as distinguished honors and leadership certificates I ended
my sophomore year with a 4.06 GPA and will continue to exceed my expectations! My
purpose in this organization is to use my experiences and wisdom to enlighten the kids
about their upcoming or ongoing high school experience. I will be helping Willxi and
Juan with the operations of the organization to provide the kids with great information
and wisdom and to make a change in their lives. I believe that this organization will
prepare these kids for the future to come, so they will become our leaders of tomorrow!

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