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America Latina Tu País! is a talk show exploring topics on politics, the economy, sports and much more.

Dario Bellot was born in Argentina during the difficult years of military coups. He grew up during the magical transition to democracy, and later moved to the US to experience the American Dream. He obtained a BA and a MBA in Buenos Aires and later studied at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dario is passionate about Latino issues and is highly involved in the community, serving in a number of non-profit Boards. He has experience working for large Private Organizations in Latin America.

Inspired by Pope Francis in the early 90’s in Buenos Aires, Dario traveled across Latin America, but not riding a motorcycle like Che Guevara, observing disparities as well as similarities in culture, language, economy, politics, and the sports of people in South and Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States.

He believes in the idea of Latin America being one country without borders in the future. The first steps are taking place in this century, in specific areas such as the economy with NAFTA and MERCOSUR– and others will come.  the United Provinces of Latin America will surpass the USA and China, and become the superpower for the next 100 years.


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