Technical Engineer

Phillip Fisher

In 2003 became an ordained Pastor then started working in politics for 3 years till I worked with EIR News Worked 06-2010
Was Researcher (Counter Intelligence Analyses Desk), 2nd Lead Investigative Reporter of Counter Intelligence
L P.A.C. / L P.A.C TV
Worked 06-2010 Videographer, Office Administrator, Senior Fundraiser
Link 2 Link Production’s
Worked 09-2010 Videographer / CO-DIRECTOR, Assistant Producer
2011-present 42nd Republican WardLeader
Neighborhood Advisory Committee Person & Neighborhood Advisory Sub-Committee Person
GPASS – RCO (Registered Community Organizations )
International Political Activist/community Advocate
Spiritual Adviser / Shamanic Teacher/ Counselor and Healer
CEO / Founder of DrakoKami Entertainment
Co CEO / Co Fonder of Cartagena Transportation