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November 20, 2018



sabaterbio Diana Sabater - Contributor

Diana Sabater is an award-winning Chef, known as the Cop-turned-Chef. Diana pursued her dreams of becoming a chef after ten years in the Philadelphia Police Department. During her tenure at the PPD her work assignment was in the heart of North Philadelphia, her old neighborhood, where she grew up between 7th & Luzerne St. and 7th & Cayuga St.

Diana has appeared on Food Network’s Chopped and won three times, becoming the Ultimate Grand Chopped Champion. (the first Latina to win this title). Diana has cooked for Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Loren Ridinger. She started out working as a Private Chef in New York City. Then, quickly moved from Garde Manger to Executive Sous Chef and into an Executive Chef position bringing a creative culinary twist to the kitchen as well as cost effective menu ideas. She later realized her real passion in studying spices and herb and decided to start a line of spice products that resemble her style of seasoning, Diana’s Spice Cantina.

After travelling and studying with various Chefs, Diana returned back to her roots and is now working closely with Esperanza’s Community Garden, a faith based non-profit organization. Diana loves to garden and grows some of her herbs at Esperanza's Community Garden – and she enjoys teaching others how to cook healthy without sacrificing flavor.

Currently, Diana writes about the latest trends in food, restaurants and events in her blog titled, "Get the Scoop". Now you can catch her blog-turned-podcast “Get the Scoop!” and stay updated on your culinary news – and works as a private chef for a well-known attorney. She is a mother of two, Danielle and Gerardo.

Diana earned a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University in Latin American Studies. She later pursued a Post-Baccalaureate Paralegal Certificate in Civil Litigation from Manor College – and then earned a Master's degree in Psychology from University of Phoenix.

Diana's mission is to become a voice for readers of all ages and encourage them to believe in their selves and follow their dreams.

Presenting: “Get The Scoop”