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February 20, 2019


rodriguez Francisco and Vanessa Rodriguez - Contributors
Vanessa Delacruz Rodriguez is Dominican. She was born and raised in the city of NY, Washington Heights, where drugs and crime were plentiful.
At a young age, she saw the marriage of her parents collapse - mother consumed by deep depression and then faced with the brutal murder of her father. Vanessa’s determination to become a process survivor, transformed her misfortunes into blessings - becoming an influential leader impacting thousands of lives since her youth - empowering others to discover their full potential and purpose in life.
Vanessa works at JEVS Human Services - with ten years of experience connecting more than three thousand families with an array of social services and helping disadvantaged families reestablish their lives.
Francisco Rodriguez of Dominican nationality arrives to NYC in the early 90's in search of the American dream. He later realized that his purpose in life was to serve others. Francisco re-tools and heeds the calling, serving others in the prisons, rehabilitation centers and underserved populations in Colombia, Dominican Republic, remote areas in Ecuador and Costa Rica. 
Francisco and Vanessa have been married for seventeen years and have three children Vaneshka, Abiel, and Aneishka.
Currently, Francisco and Vanessa are the pastors of the Church, CityReach Northeast, one of the fastest growing churches in the city of Philadelphia - with a keen focus on serving the community and empowering young people to find their purpose.
Presenting: EMPOWER yourself
Empower is designed to help you recognize your gifts; praise your success; encourage you when you fail; having the assurance the best is yet to come - and that every day is a new opportunity to start over.