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January 22, 2019



Delma J. Quiñones - Contributor

Delma was born in New York City to Puerto Rican parents who emigrated to the States in the fifties. As a child, her family returns to live in Puerto Rico. Delma completed elementary, middle school and high school, at the prestigious private school, Espiritu Santo in Hato Rey – there she discovered her love for literature and languages.

Delma earned a bachelor’s degree in Art and Humanities with a concentration in English. After completing her studies, she worked for the public education system of Puerto Rico as an English teacher. She later moved to Mexico and earned a Master degree in literature from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico and later completed a second Master degree in Education, with a concentration in reading from Arcadia University.

Delma’s experience as an educator ranges from elementary school to the University level. She taught English classes at the Interamerican University and the Universidad del Este in Puerto Rico. Besides being an educator for more than twenty-five years, she continues to actively promote programs, that help reinforce the identity and culture of Latinos living in the United States.

Currently, she is working for the Atlantic City School District in New Jersey as a teacher of the reading intervention program - Reading Recovery.

Presenting: “Hablando Sobre Educación”

Hablando Sobre Educación is a program discussing different topics related to the educational processes of children, youth, and adults, taking into consideration the perspective of immigrants and the Latino community in the United States.