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February 20, 2019


escobarbio Diego Escobar - Contributor

Diego Escobar was born in Argentina. A student at Northampton Community College majoring in Construction Management.

In 2001, Diego decided to give a new direction to his life in wake of the great economic crisis that hit his country. He was convinced it was time to act and not think. With only a suitcase full of dreams he began a life in the United States, embracing the beauty of the Latin American cultures of which he now feels part of.

"If we look at Latin America we have the Mayan ruins and the Aztecs. We have the Machu Pichu and the Amazon. We have Cordillera. We have El Cristo Redentor, Iguazú Falls, and Moreno Glacier. We have Belize. We have beaches, deserts, jungles, rivers, and seas. We have a celestial sky that welcomes us. We can dance a tango or we can dance tip, a bachata or a salsa, maybe a ballenato or vibrate with the sound of Candombe, the Bossa Nova acoempaña in our moments of melancholy."

His passion for the Latin American culture and language has awakened an admiration of who we are in this country - a great stew of cultures with our colors and flavors.

Diego’s dream is to learn about each Latin American country, in honor, of each person he has met from different countries. Diego e is part of this mix of cultures that he loves and admires.

Diego is also co-host of the show "Latin America: Tu Pais!"

Presenting: “Despierta Con USALA”

Despierta con USALA (roughly translated as Wake up with USALA") has various key elements: musical parodies, humorous commentary about straight and odd news, and open telephone lines.