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January 22, 2019


Latin America and Latino Studies Internal Speaker Series  

LALSIS Seminars  2019

Tuesday, January 15th - Tiffany Cain, Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology: "Reassessing the Archives in Landscape: Localizing Insurrection in Central Quintana Roo, Mexico."

Tuesday, February 5th - Gabriel Salgado, Ph.D. Student, Political Science: "Race, Religion, and the Ends of History in New Spain: Gerónimo de Mendieta's Historia Eclesiástica Indiana."

Tuesday, March 12th - Dorothy Kronick, Assistant Professor of Political Science.

Tuesday, April 2nd - Veronica Brownstone, Ph.D. Student, Hispanic and Portuguese Studies: "Horacio Castellanos Moya's Cartographies of Expulsion and the Future of Labor in Postwar El Salvador."

Friday, April 5th - Tulia Falleti, Director of Latin American and Latino Studies, and the Class of 1965 Term Associate Professor of Political Science. (*This is also part of a Comparative Politics Workshop, and will be held on a Friday.)

Tuesday, April 30th - Frances Kvietok, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Education: "Youth Negotiating Indigenous Language Speakerhood: The Case of Quechua in the Urban Peruvian Andes." (*Location TBD)
LALSES Seminars for 2018-2019

Thursday, September 20th (2-3 PM) - Ondjaki, Portuguese-language writer will discuss his writing and cinema projects related to Angola/Lusophone countries/Africa/Brazil. Co-sponsored by the Hispanic and Portuguese Studies Department and Kelly Writers House. Hosted by Mércia Flannery, Director of the Portuguese Language Program.
Location: Iron Gate Theater
(He will also speak on September 19th at the Cherpack Lounge, 5th Floor, Williams Hall.)

Monday, September 24th (6:30 P.M.) - Williams Carrigan, Chair & Professor of History at Rowan University. Presentation on the lynching of Mexicans in the United States. Hosted by Cathy Bartch, Associate Director for Latin American and Latino Studies.

Thursday, September 27th (2 P.M.) - Leandro Rodriguez Alves Diniz, Associate Professor at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil, "Portuguese as a Welcoming Language for Immigrants and Refugees in Brazil." Hosted by Carlos Pio, Lecturer, Hispanic and Portuguese Studies.
Location: Forum (Perelman Building, 36th & Walnut)

Friday, October 12th (4 P.M.) - Roberto Brodsky, Chilean Novelist and Screenwriter will join the LALS community for a screening of Machuca, a film he co-wrote.
Location: Forum (Perelman Building, 36th & Walnut)

Monday, November 12th (2 PM) - Ana Carolina Garriga, Associate Professor of Political Science, Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE), Mexico. She will speak about international organizations and political economy. Hosted by Julia Gray, Associate Professor of Political Science.

Saturday, November 17th - Liberato Kani, Quechua Activist, "Quechua & Rap, Urban and Contemporary Indigenous Culture." Hosted by Américo Mendoz-Mori.

February 2019. Carlota McAllister, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, York University. The vital element: water as moral substance in Chilean Patagonia.Hosted by Ericka Beckman, Associate Professor of Romance Languages; Graduate Chair in Hispanic Studies and Veronica Brownstone, Ph.D. Student, Hispanic and Portuguese Studies.

Tuesday, March 19th - David Samuels, Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota. Lecture on Brazilian Politics and Voting. Hosted by Tulia Falleti, LALS Director and Associate Professor of Political Science. (This is also part of the Comparative Politics Workshop. Time TBD.)

April 2019. Roger Toledo Bueno, Artist with the Instituto Superiore de Arte (ISA), Havana, Cuba. He will present on Fine Art and the exploration of Cuban social issues through landscape and cityscape paintings. Hosted by Gwendolyn Dubois Shaw, Associate Professor of the History of Art, and Undergraduate Chair of the Department of the History of Art.

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