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January 22, 2019


Philadelphia International Medicine's Second Annual Physician Partnership Program

PHILADELPHIA  Fifteen prominent physicians from seven different countries around the world, including one returning alumnus, will spend the next week paired with a top Philadelphia physician under a program initiated and funded by Philadelphia International Medicine (PIM) that seeks to build international clinical relationships.
           PIM launched the Physician Partnership Program last year to provide an opportunity for global physicians and surgeons to meet in Philadelphia for an intensive one-week clinical observership program. PIM selected the fifteen international physicians through a competitive application process. 
           The international doctors will stay in the city for one week, Oct. 15 to Oct. 19, and work closely with a clinical peer. They will attend rounds, observe surgery, participate in clinical treatment discussions and otherwise monitor the patient-care process. They will not, however, directly provide medical advice and will observe only. PIM offers a stipend that reimburses the international doctors for their travel and living expenses while in Philadelphia, as well as arranging for the clinical experience, along with a team from each PIM hospital.
           The participating PIM Network includes Fox Chase Cancer Center, Temple University Hospital, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and The Rothman Institute.
           “In a city known for its ‘Meds and Eds,’ we are proud to match our leading specialists with their colleagues from around the world,” said Leonard Karp, president and CEO of PIM. We hope the program leads to life-long friendships, an exchange of knowledge, and a better appreciation of Philadelphia.”
            PIM has grown relationships with organizations throughout Mexico, Dominican Republic and the Caribbean over the last three years. Recently, it has signed affiliation agreements with the Dominican Society of Hematology and Oncology and Cancer Center Tec 100 in Mexico. These relationships are in addition to long-standing PIM efforts in the Middle East, Bermuda and Canada. This year, PIM has expanded into The Bahamas.
           International physicians and their home hospitals are: Maxima Mendez, Dominican Republic, Cedimat; Duane Wedderburn, Bermuda, King Edward Hospital; Lori-Ann Lee, Bermuda, King Edward Hospital; Ross Downes, Bahamas, Doctors Hospital; Luis Martin Jimenez, Dominican Republic, Cedimat; Jesus Spencer, Dominican Republic, Instituto Oncologico; Daniel Gallegos, Mexico, Hospital Universitario; Hossam Alassaf, Saudi Arabia, King Fahad Medical City; Carlton Chambers, Bahamas, Princess Margaret Hospital; Eduardo Gayon-Vera, Mexico, Instituto Nacional de Pediatria, Medica Sur; Hakeema Alhashimi, Bahrain, Salmaniya Medical Complex; Efreen Montano Figueroa, Mexico, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social; Miguel Angel Garcia Soto, Mexico, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social; Sahar Almehessi, Qatar, Qatar Embassy; Hamad Medical Corp and Edgar Guillermo Flores Ayala, Mexico, Returning Alumnus.
           Mentors from Philadelphia and their home hospitals are: Andreas Karachristos, M.D., Elin Sigursdon, M.D., Josh Meyer, M.D, Mark Sobczak, M.D., all of Fox Chase Cancer Center; Amanda Roman, M.D., Baskaran Sundaram, M.D., Pierluigi Porcu, M.D., Warren Maley, M.D., Barry Ziring, M.D., all of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital; Ahmed Soliman, M.D., Rohit Soans, M.D., of Temple University Hospital; and Christopher Dodson, M.D., James Purtill, M.D., Javad Parvizi, M.D., Joseph Abboud, M.D., Surena Namdari, M.D., all of Rothman Institute.
           Other programs offered by PIM include a monthly live clinical lecture via video conferencing called Global Education Media (GEM), a monthly educational offering by faculty at PIM Network organizations to physicians around the globe to promote knowledge sharing, build relationships and enrich physician-to-physician dialogue. Global Medical Connectivity (GMCT), is a web-based, co-management telemedicine program, created to partner with physicians outside the United States to jointly manage their patient’s advanced cardiology, neuroscience and oncology needs throughout the course of medical treatment. The International Physicians Forum was founded by PIM, working with the Philadelphia County Medical Society and others, to form an organization where foreign trained or foreign-born physicians can meet. The assembly brings international doctors together to meet on both academic and civic issues on a quarterly basis.
            As the international department of several Philadelphia-area hospitals and providers, international patients gain access to physicians and hospitals rated among the best in the world through one telephone call to PIM. You can reach PIM by calling 1-215-563-4733; fax, 1-215-563-2777; or e-mail,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can find out more about PIM through its website at www.philadelphiamedicine.com , or Facebook @PhillyIntlMed You Tube @ Philadelphia International Medicine , Instagram @PhillyIntlMed and Twitter @ PhillyIntlMed .